HaLeigh Abbott

HaLeigh Abbott was introduced to Crossfit through The Weekly Fight: A non-profit started at Crossfit Inspire that provides a supportive community for veterans and veteran families.  As the wife of a combat veteran, HaLeigh and her husband were drawn to the mission of The Weekly Fight, and the positivity of the Crossfit community.

As a mother, HaLeigh aims to set a positive example for her daughter that being strong is beautiful.  “Crossfit provides an outlet for me to show my daughter that determination and hard work pays off.  When she’s fearless to try new things and proud of her own strength, I know that she’s on a path to a positive self-image.  I want to encourage all girls and all women to find their drive, and push towards the best version of themselves.”

HaLeigh pursued her Crossfit Level 1 certification to support The Weekly Fight, and to support anyone fighting their own battle.

Training Experience
CrossFit Level 1 Certified