Sean Brophy

Coming from a family with 5 siblings, I became competitive at a very early age.  I channeled that competitiveness into wrestling and made it my life.  Even today,  I still wrestle and am currently training to compete in mixed martial arts. The driving force behind my strength and endurance was Crossfit. It’s something I began three years ago when my workout partner showed me a video of Rich Froning.  It was so different than anything else offered out there,  so I tried it and I’ll be honest… it took some time for me to entertain the idea of no more bicep curls, but I eventually bought completely into Crossfit. I began training and competing in Crossfit and totally fell in love with the sport.  A year later I got my Level 1 coaching certificate so that I can hopefully help other people fall in love with fitness the way I have. I love dedicating my time to training my self, training others and working hard to get to where I want to be.

Training Experience
CrossFit Level 1 Certified