Monday, 2/29/2016 WOD

Monday, 2/29/2016


Weekly Fight


If you need to do or re-do Open 16.1 today see a coach. Don’t forget – all scores *MUST* be submitted by 8pm tonight!

Today’s WOD:

Teams of 2


3 Calorie Bike/Row, 3 Hand-Release Pushups, 3 KB Snatches (53/35)

6 Calorie Bike/Row, 6 Hand-Release Pushups, 6 KB Snatches (53/35)

9 Calorie Bike/Row, 9 Hand-Release Pushups, 9 KB Snatches (53/35)

Partner 1 completes the round of three reps of each movement, then Partner 2 does the same. The team alternates in this fashion for the 20 minutes, adding 3 repetitions to each movement per round.


Heads Up:

Open Gym meets at 7AM

Babysitting is provided at 8:30AM and 9:30AM

Boot Camp class meets at 9:30 AM & 5:15PM

Yoga at 6:15 pm