Today's WOD

Sunday, 10/14/2018

For time!
Teams of 3 complete the following:
Run 400m as a team
21x Thrusters, each athlete (RX 95#/65# Scaled 75/45)) (min 12/9 rep split)
21 Box Jumps, each athlete
(24/20) (12/9 rep split)
Run 600m as a team
15 Thrusters, each athlete (RX 115/75 Scaled 95/65) (10/5 rep split)
15 Box Jumps, each athlete
(min 10/5) rep split)
Run 800m, as a team
9 Thrusters, each athlete (RX 135/95 Scaled 15/75) (5/4 rep Split)
9 Box Jumps, each athlete
Athlete must chose a weight that allows them to perform prescribed reps. If bar is dropped before prescribed reps are completed athlete starts over and reps don’t count.