Combat Sports

The kickboxing classes at CrossFit Inspire are unrivaled in both intensity and results, while still adaptable for people of all fitness levels. These workouts consist of several rounds of striking combinations (basic punches and kicks on a heavy bag) mixed with common exercises.Our experienced coaches provide a comprehensive, customized program to push and motivate you to become healthier and more confident.

Combining traditional kickboxing with heavy bag work, muscle conditioning and intermittent bursts of exertion creates an efficient workout with maximum results. Kickboxing will jumpstart your metabolism and help you achieve your weight loss and cardio goals.
You don’t need to have any type of boxing experience to start training. Most people attend classes as a way to increase their fitness level and learn self-defense. We know everyone’s goals are different so whether you are looking to compete or improve your physical conditioning, our coaches will try their best to help you get there.

Class Information

Class Length: 1 Hour
Class Schedule: Check Schedule
Coach: Matt Dever