CrossFit Competitor Program

This program is designed for athletes looking to take their CrossFit skills and conditioning to the next level. Whether you are looking to compete at local competitions or make it to the Games, this is the program for you. You will be surrounded by coaches and other athletes that have made CrossFit their sport and will support and push you to achieve your goals.

The program is taught by high level athletes that know what it takes to advance your training to the next level.  If you’ve thought about competing in CrossFit but aren’t quite sure you have all the knowledge on what it takes to compete as far as nutrition, game day preparation, mental preparation, and training leading up to the competition, the CrossFit Competitors program is for you.

This program is included in your membership and can be joined at any time. Competitor classes will be coached by CrossFit competitors and other coaches that have made it a priority to compete on a high level.

Class Information

Class Length: 1 Hour
Class Schedule: Check Schedule
Coach: Various