Olympic Weightlifting

Come get your snatch on!

Our Weightlifting Classes focus on the development of the Olympic Lifting skills and technique. Olympic barbell lifts test explosive strength, speed and coordination more than any other movement or training modality in CrossFit. This is why they must be practiced and coached regularly for any developing athlete. Understanding the minute details of these complex and highly technical movements will help identify and correct any faults in your form or execution. Classes consist of repetitive skills and drills exercises, max effort lifts and accessory work in order to develop proper core strength, mobility and full range of motion movement.

Olympic lifting is good for anyone, regardless of age or fitness level!

Do not let the movements intimidate you. This course will teach you what you need to know in order to lift small Serbian cars with correct form!

Class Information

Class Length: 1 Hour
Class Schedule: Check Schedule
Coach: Various