Brian Walker

I have always been active and loved being outside playing soccer, football, basketball, baseball and skateboarding.

Over the years I have worked out at gyms and was in decent shape but never made the progress I was looking for. During that time I also got into running and ran many races from 5ks, to 10ks to half marathons always looking for the next challenge. I decided to step up and started running marathons. My marathon times got better over the years but then I plateaued and my times were not improving no matter how hard I trained. I needed to change my routine to add more strength and conditioning which is when I was introduced to Crossfit.

With the intensity of Crossfit and learning the correct running technique through Crossfit Endurance I have never been in better shape.
It has been tons of fun and I always look forward to helping others have similar experiences, reach their goals and push their limits.

Training Experience
CrossFit Level 1 Certified
CrossFit Endurance Certified
CPR Certified