Chris Baniewicz

My name is Chris Baniewicz and I love the community that CrossFit has provided me. I started my interest in fitness with sports as a kid. I always enjoyed training more than the actual sports I played. Before CrossFit, I bounced around doing everything imaginable. Nothing seemed to fill the void that sports left. The normal body building and cardio routine became monotonous, so I began searching for other options. In 2006 I found CrossFit and followed the main page wods with my wife Julie for a few years. In 2012 I joined CrossFit Inspire and the people here are amazing. After experiencing the CrossFit community, I couldn’t imagine going back to doing solo wods at the YMCA. I wish I had known about CrossFit at a younger age because the training truly carries over to everything. As a trainer I enjoy seeing people achieve little victories and realize long term goals. My favorite workouts are ones that include heavier weight or long metcons.

Training Experience
CrossFit Level 1 Certified