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Brooke's Story

When I first became a member of CrossFit Inspire, I took an intentional step towards what I thought would be a physical journey in becoming a stronger me. Today I can tell you that because of CrossFit I am stronger however, that strength is by no means be limited to my physical body.

Becoming a member initially meant walking up to a whiteboard and not understanding the terminology. It meant knowing that I was most likely not capable of the prescribed movements. It meant talking myself past the intimidation factor and into accepting an hour of humility. I specifically remember one day, while begrudgingly strapping myself into a band in order to attempt some assisted pull-ups, being told by one of the exceptional Inspire coaches that ‘over time you will get better but CrossFit will never get any easier’. Truer words might never have been spoken. Completely fatigued, out of breath, and highly frustrated I finished that memorable workout. Two years later, equally fatigued and out of breath, I smiled a little inside when I completed that same workout five minutes faster and with no bands.

"CrossFit has taught me that while every day will not be your best, that’s no excuse to not give your best every day."

Over time CrossFit has forged an inner voice that tells me to dig in- even if it hurts, because no on ever regrets the decision to give their best effort. Once I let that small voice get louder and stronger, it began to speak in all aspects of my life. CrossFit has become a huge part of me but as I work diligently to balance work, school, family, and friends- I welcome that voice to encourage my discipline and growth in all facets. CrossFit has taught me that while every day will not be your best, that’s no excuse to not give your best every day.

While I could certainly end my reflection there, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the way that CrossFit Inspire offers an absolutely incredible community; a community of people who show up to learn the same lessons of growth, persistence, and, humility. While you might ‘compete’ against your fellow members on a daily basis you also grow with them. You feel a genuine inner joy when you witness another athlete achieve new heights because ultimately, they are also your teammates and friends. This community epitomizes the idea of iron sharpening iron.

I am so blessed to have stumbled upon CrossFit Inspire and I thank God continually for granting me the ability to be a part of such a transformative sport.

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